Favourite Movie

My favourite movie: At this moment definitely The Greatest Showman – love the music as well. ‘This is Me’ is my mantra for this year…

My Favourite Book


My favourite book? Now, this is a hard one…I love to read and it’s soooo hard to pick one. So I’m going to pick two… maybe even three?



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I’m Inspired By…

I’m inspired by… mmm this is a difficult one. Depends on the day, the time, the weather, on my mood by a multitude of stuff. I can’t pick just one thing. It might be a bumble bee woken from it’s hibernation by the warm winter sun, and rather than buzzing around it’s kind of snoozling around… a new word perhaps. My inspiration may be tickled by a smell or a sound, long forgotten, which pulls at my memories until it clicks into place. Or, it could just be a vision, something that flashes through the cobwebs of my conscious state which makes me sit up and take notice.

Our worlds are full of inspiration, we just need to keep looking…

I’m Grateful For

Bohoberrychallenge Day 19: I’m Grateful For…

My health and the health of my family. Despite living with Type 2 Diabetes (not me, Simon) I’m fairly lucky with the health runes that have been cast my way. I like a drink, I eat meat and carbohydrates, I walk our dogs daily and I do most things in moderation. Balance is always the key, in my opinion.

I Want Less Of


Bohoberrychallenge Day 18: I Want Less Of…

Well that depends on what happened on Tuesday. Less Brexit talk has got to be a good thing… can’t believe that ‘we’ would do something soooo stupid. An yes, I’m a Remainer, and proud of it.

I Want More Of

BohoBerryChallenge Day 17: I want more of...

It sounds very demanding, that word ‘want’. I’m not really in need of wanting anything I can’t live without to be honest. If I’m pushed I’d say Maltesers, yes, those round chocolate covered honeycomb balls. Difficult to source here in Italy.

Trying Something New

Well, maybe it can’t be termed as learning something new… but I am… Continue reading

Currently Working On…


My three big projects this month include doing the things that I love… usually involving writing in some manner


  1. Editing Wolf Moon, a fantasy story and publishing on Wattpad. If you are interested you can access it here. I shall be posting one chapter per week in the first instance. On a Sunday.
  2. Publish a 90 Day Prompt Journal – in fact I already have, so my concentration now is on marketing so here is the link!
  3. Writing the first draft in a series loosely known as the Rainbow Chronicles… another immersion into my fantasy worlds which I love to inhabit.

Hoping To Change

Bohoberry Challenge Day 14: Hoping To Change
Well, considering that our lives are in the hands of those who think they know best, I’m not sure right now. I don’t want to change. I want to stay European. I’m not a very political animal but this particular issue just has too many complications not to be concerned. Yes, I’m talking the dreaded ‘B’ word. Goodness knows what tomorrow will bring. Ask me on Wednesday!

Looking Forward To


Bohoberry Challenge Day 13: Looking Forward To…

I think one of the benefits of the future is that we don’t know what is round the corner, do we? For me, right now I’m just looking forward to tomorrow. Life can be very simple at its very best.

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