New Beginnings

Welcome to my new home for my journal ramblings about my daily writing life. I can’t promise to write every day, but I will write regularly and hope to share the face behind my writer’s mask. My aim is to share my writing world to show that I’m just an ordinary ‘Jo’ (as well as being my real name) at heart. I hope to inspire other writers that they can do it, hopefully amuse some readers and provide myself with some kind of ongoing record to look back on and smile. 🙂

Today in Italy it’s Epiphany, the last day of Christmas but also the time when Befana, the witch visits children. If they have been good, she leaves them something nice likes some toffees or a small gift and if not a piece of coal or a twig. She always carries a broom as she likes to leave her home clean and tidy before she leaves and she hates to be seen. These were some dolls that a lovely friend knitted as Christmas presents for our four grand-daughters – I’m  a glam gran – an early novice at the role but it’s very enjoyable.


Befana Dolls

But I haven’t slacked off today. I’ve finished the final revisions for The Morning Gift and downloaded it to Kindle. Simon (my husband, my rock and the man that ‘does’) is currently reading it for flow and any jerky bits as I’ve messed around with it so much I can’t see the wood for the trees. I’m just about to start developing some macros – a technical term I don’t claim to understand in Word – to help me sort some of the minor editing. Wish me Luck! Maybe these lot will help?

Ciao x

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