Trojans and Bugs

I’ve spent the last week fighting off a bug. But I haven’t had a head full of cold, or a runny nose, in fact not even a sneeze. There is no doubt, however that I have been attacked by a virus, or rather my laptop has. Last Tuesday, Simon opened an email (which looked very official) from our electricity provider. It was our monthly statement. Simon sat in a state of shock at the amount due, four times as much as we usually use. An attachment, parading as a PDF and promising us all the information wouldn’t open. We ran around like headless chickens, trying to work out how we could have used 400 Euros worth more electricity than last month. Bottom line is we didn’t. On closer inspection it was a spam email, not from Enel at all but using everything that we were familiar with. Since then our laptop has been held to ‘ransom’. And that’s no joke. It was a Trojan. Whatever one of them is. Even though we haven’t been asked to pay anything, Windows Defender kept throwing up notifications, that the laptop was as serious risk. Written in blood red.bug

Anyway, to cut a long story short and much hair pulling, I spent 10 hours last night(yes, ten, plus five hours on Friday evening) on-line with a Microsoft technician trying to purge my poorly laptop of the disease.  I finally got to bed at 3am this morning and 119 Euro’s poorer still not knowing if the machine would live or die. It was a terminal situation and another full body scan was needed…there was nothing more I could do. 🙁

And this morning, after a fretful sleep, my laptop is free of the virus and no more nasty notifications… I on the other hand feel as though I’m coming down with something. Atishoo!

Ciao x

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