Dear Diary…


  • Word Count Target – 4000 and counting. Phew! My laptop is now healthy and bright and I’ve managed to edit 4000 words today. I’m about half way through the micro edit on The Morning Gift. Seriously considering buying a Mac with some of my pennies for a rainy day fund… although there are competing forces for its use
  • Calorie and Carbohydrate Intake– yep, doing a lot of counting at the moment and after a very indulgent weekend – stress relief for coping with the laptop and its ‘illness – trying to be good for the week. But a glass of red wine is beckoning, don’t I deserve a treat?
  • Activity – after getting out most days for a dalliance with Naughty Nell (that’s around two and half thousand steps) today has been a washout. And no rainy day fund is going to change that. It’s been raining constantly since we woke and the grey skies have persisted. So will need to go up and down the stairs a few times to compensate, perhaps.

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