Peace is the Path

Words: Approx 3k new plus edited around 15kimage
Carbs and Cals: Fell of the track a bit this week, I blame the weather
Workout:  Walked the dogs most days, even in rain and fog
Reading: Lamentation by CJ Sansome
Weather: Wash out Wednesday… grey and miserable
Watched: Not a lot
Word of the Week: KENSPECKLE Adjective: 1. Scot. and North England. conspicuous; easily seen or recognized.
International Day of the Week: Got to be Puppy Day on 23rd March

I’ll bedove-41260_640 in the UK when this is posted having hastily scribbled and scheduled it on Thursday evening before I left, so it shall be a short entry.
The horrors of Belgium are still filling my head. I don’t understand why one human being would want to slaughter others in such a violent and senseless way. I don’t often air my personal views on these matters but it chills me to the bone. I’m at a loss for words to be honest.

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path. Ghandi

We saw a heron (twice) on the same road and virtually the same spot we saw the hare last week. Despite their size they seem to glide off with such grace and ease. Lago San Ruffino, one of our local favourite works has quite an extensive heron community, including the smaller white egrets. Walking has been something of a washout this week. On Wednesday it rained continuously hard all day, so it was designated a PJ day.

The second draft of All Will Be Well is now printed off for Simon to revisit while I’m away. I managed to complete most of the major revisions, sort out the timeline and reset some of the scenes. It feels in my head as if it’s right, but who knows?

My plans this week in the UK? Well perhaps a bit of Easter Egg hunting, celebrating my Dad’s 82nd birthday, maybe a visit to the cinema and catching up with my lovely family. Oh, and editing a few short stories, a bit of a break from the big stuff.

Buona Pasqua!


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