Day One: 10 things that make me happy


Can’t quite believe it’s been so long since I connected with my writer within. But it’s time to pick up my pen, smooth a clean, fresh page and let the ink flow. Once I’m back home (it will be over a month by then) I know I’ll be in the right place but the itch for writing has begun to tickle and who am I to deny it? I’m starting with thirty days of journal prompts, which I thought I’d summarise here, just to exercise that writing muscle which has been sorely neglected.

  1. Goes without saying… Simon.
  2. My lovely son, Ben and his gorgeous family
  3. My animal family, Bertie, Freya and Nell (assorted dogs), Simba, Nala, Cappuccino, Daisy and Starlight (the feline fraternity) and unnamed chicks
  4. Writing of course, which I couldn’t possibly do without the first three
  5. Sunshine – I’d forgotten how grey UK summers can be and especially this year for a number of reasons…
  6. Swimming (or walking) I’ve been doing 30 lengths every morning at 6.30, starts my day off on the right foot
  7. Red Wine – surprised?
  8. A random smile from a stranger in this mad world which seems intent on destruction
  9. Facetime (and a working internet connection) so I can chat with my number one!
  10. My health, cos of course, no 6 cancels out any effects from no 7 🙂

Ciao for Now


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