Day 2: Something someone said about me

follow-your-dreams-believe-in-yourself-and-dont-give-up-quote-1This journal prompt had me stumped for sometime. But an early memory is one from the deputy headmistress at the grammar school I attended. She was evil. I was probably pretty evil too, but she didn’t have the skills to connect with young adults. Miss Atkins smoked like a trooper, even when I was getting detention for being caught smoking on the way to school. Despite my progress at primary school, I’m afraid secondary education did very little for me, least of all my confidence and belief in myself.

So what did Miss Atkins say that I remember so well? My dream was to go into nursing, heavily influenced by my mum and grandmother who were both nurses. I left school with three o’levels and she told me that I would never, ever make it into nursing. Two years later I was accepted for state registered nursing and by the time I was 24 was the youngest District Nursing Sister in our area. And I still work in healthcare now in a very small and distant way. So, show’s what you knew, Miss Atkins, never destroy a young person’s dreams, they are not yours to mess with.


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