Day 12: Write about 5 Blessings in your life…


Don’t like the connotation of God that goes with the term blessing (Google it and see what I mean) so shall be writing this post in the context of something that helps or brings happiness.

Like many of us I imagine, I tend to focus on what’s troubling me rather that what is going well, or brings me laughter, and I’ve probably covered these in other posts but that’s not a bad thing.

  1. My family: Husband, Simon who is a constant source of support and makes me laugh when I want to cry. Son,  Ben of whom I couldn’t be any prouder of what he has achieved. He is the living example that conformity in education isn’t always the best path. And his lovely wife, Claire and mother to grandchildren, Morgan and Caitlin, who are growing up far too fast. And I’d have to include the animal family we’ve collected since living here.
  2. My Lifestyle: Which could encompass all five if I separated the things that bring happiness since we moved here. The main thing is living more on less. Quality not Quantity. That kind of stuff. It was a huge risk but so worth it.
  3. My Veggie Garden: which links with number two I suppose, but it is so satisfying eating fresh stuff picked from the garden only moments before. It’s hard work but fulfilling.
  4. My Writing: or just being creative. I write every morning without fail and have started a Doodle course – love to scribble and colour in. Must be my inner child struggling to be seen. I do work through a lot of angst in my morning pages which helps me every day.
  5. My Friends: Who I could count on one hand, true friends who I don’t see very often but when I it’s like we only met the day before. They know who they are.

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