Day 15: Bullet Point Your Whole Day…

chaos-1536612_640Today, I’m going to cheat. I’m posting pictures of my Bullet Journal which I started in May. And it’s developed over those three months. Simon will be the first to tell you I have a bit of a diary/journal fettish and despite therapy cannot seem to curb my addiction. Though I have to say that this bullet journal feels right. I keep lots of memories – pictures, thoughts, tickets, anything that means something; I doodle regularly; I keep lists (another fettish of mine) – things to read, watch, listen; recipes; muse prompts; a general brain dump; and I record the weather… so I can look back and see what was happening on any given day. I have moved from daily bullets to a weekly format as it suits me better. It’s fun and I seem to be getting things done…

This is my monthly spread:


This is my weekly:

IMG_20160802_125945[1] copy

And some doodles:

IMG_20160802_130001[1] copy


Ciao for now,

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