Day 16: Something I Miss…

blue-drop-drops-greece-nostalgia-favim-com-458084Obviously my dad, first and foremost. Been looking at some VHS tapes I had converted to DVD’s, one of the Millennium Fancy Dress Party the family attended (where Si and I dressed up as punks and managed to ‘bully’ the guests into donating a large sum of money for charity!) and another of our Wedding Celebration. Seeing both mum and dad on the screen was very painful but also very comforting in another way. Watching them has helped me to remember the good times rather than get cross about the bad times. After all there were many years of good times, though I know it’s only natural to remember the hard bits at the moment. As Simon says, I had my dad in my life for 53 years, it’s a long time and he made a great impression on me. I shall never stop missing him.

Twelve years ago, Simon and I gave up smoking. We did it within two weeks of making the decision and it was largely fuelled by the ban of smoking and Simon’s diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes. I can only say I’ve missed a smoke this past year. But I have never given in to the temptation and don’t think I ever will. I did enjoy a cigarette with a glass of wine though, I must admit.

Footpaths! It’s the one thing we both miss here in Italy. We used to explore the footpaths of Dorset from our own front door with dogs in tow all the time. Here the culture of pets and dog walking is sort of non existent really. There is a footpath around here which follows the river Saline, but because no-one uses it, it’s overgrown and we can’t get through it! Not without a huge machete and along with matches, I wouldn’t trust Simon with such a weapon. Never mind, there are plenty of other things which living in the UK didn’t offer. Such as our lifestyle… we’re just off down to the beach 🙂

Ciao for now


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