Day 19: Discuss Your First Love…

images-2This got me all in a hot sweat. Not least because Simon was sitting next to me as I was writing my journal! Silly of me really. I don’t remember being interested in boys until I got to Grammar School and then the boys in my year all seemed so immature. So I fell in love with the student teacher! His name was Mr Feather and all the girls swooned over him. He was tall, had collar length dirty blonde hair and bought his guitar into lessons. Oh my, did he break a lot of hearts.

I had a bit of an advantage though because his mother was a District Nurse, along with my mum so I knew where he lived! I used to go and walk around the cut-de-sac in the hope that he would come out and chat with me. But of course he never did. He had a girlfriend but none of us believed it was serious, how could it be when he could have his pick of these silly schoolgirls! I suppose my behaviour might be seen as stalking these days!

We made him a massive leaving card when he left, all love hearts and soppiness and I think I cried all weekend, until I noticed… well that would be telling wouldn’t it?

Ciao for now

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