Day 21: Three Lessons for my Child

images-4Well, Ben is hardly a child any more at 32 but he will always be my little boy. This is a difficult one. I don’t think as parents we have all the right answers or lessons. For me it was very much trial and error being a mum. As the eldest daughter in a family of five I’d had plenty of practice looking after children but it’s never the same with your own is it? Thinking about it, Ben has taught me a few lessons since he first came into the world! But if I have to pick three.

Believe in Yourself: Always. Even if you think no-one else does, you deserve your faith.

Think Positive: I’m terrible at this to quite a ridiculous extent. I read somewhere the other day that the cup is neither half full or half empty, but refillable. Quite like that.

Live for Today: No good in regretting the past or planning the future to some extent. Today is what matters.

Ciao for Now,

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