Day 24: A Lesson Learnt the Hard Way…

quote-Ralph-Waldo-Emerson-to-be-yourself-in-a-world-that-89837There are so many of them! But I think the key one for me is to just be myself. Accept myself for who I am. I’ve struggled with this for years. And the pressure has all been down to me. No-one else has asked me to change or be different. It’s been a demon inside me that I was never good enough as I was.

Well, two things have made a difference to my way of thinking. Firstly, Simon who has always believed and loved me for just me – I’m not saying no-one else has but he has never expected me to be anything other in any part of my life. No expectations. He loves me for who I am. And that makes me happy.

Secondly, I guess it’s an age thing, you reach fifty and think… well if I can’t be myself now, when can I be! I spent a large part of my life before then unhappy in my career and working hard to being something I could never be. I’m a born introvert and the choices I made meant the opposite, and I hated it. Who wants to spend their life hating a large part of it? Life is just too short. That and the fact that we had to make some pretty tough life decisions nine years ago… but that’s another story. 😉

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