Day 25: Fire Beast: Inspired By an Image

keep-calm-but-computer-says-no-1This journal prompt asked me to think of any word, search it on Google and then write something inspired by the 11th image.

The trouble with Google when you search for images is that it searches everything that could be related to that word, so it may not be a picture at all, which I found a bit frustrating. I cheated with selecting a word. I used a random word generator and got ‘beast’ which suited me fine. And now I’m trying to search for said same image that I Googled and can I find it?? I’m searching on a different machine but it should be the same shouldn’t it?

As you can see this prompt caused me all sorts of headaches so that by the time I’m coming to write about anything I’m too stressed! Not really stressed, just a little frustrated which doesn’t help with the writing process.  Luckily for me, I made some notes (I first do these prompts at the beginning of the day along with my morning journal) and I’d noted that the image was of a fire beast. I can’t upload the image I used as it’s not ‘supported’ whatever that means, so the technical issues continue. It is big and very, very fiery. And it wasn’t a dragon or a phoenix. I wrote about this image in the male gender but wondered why I would associate it with being a male? A little stereotypical, so I’d like it to be a her, protecting and fighting for whatever is so important like any male would.

Any lessons learnt from this prompt as I can’t really get into the mode of writing about it? Well, stick to the old ways I say. Stop trying to be so clever. Keep it simple.

Ciao for now,



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