Day 28: Five Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

HappyLaughingDogNearly at the end of the 30 day journaling challenge and what a discovery it’s been and maybe not in so many other ways. It’s the discipline I was after and I think I can tick that box. Now time for a laugh.

#1 Has to be Simon. He makes me laugh out loud most days. Usually his reaction to one of my Mrs Malaprop statements but this weeks at his attempts at synchronised swimming. Poor soul. He can hardly put out a stroke never mind smile, extend his leg and curve his arms. Bless.

#2 The dogs. They are so part of our family and that means a big part of the laughter too. For instance, Nell (the springer spaniel) will hunt out any paper tissue at a distance. She regularly can be found with snout in a pair of shorts or pocket and then proceeds to tear it to bits. Not funny to those who don’t live with this every day I agree, but this is about me isn’t it?

#3 The cats. Same as #2. Simba, my lion king insists on sitting on the keyboard when he wants some attention.

#4 James Corben – whatever he does on TV he makes me laugh – love his karaoke stuff.

#5 The News Quiz on Radio 4. We listen to it religiously usually over Saturday lunch.

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