Out of the Ashes

color-1544543_640I’ve been absent for sometime. It’s been a horrendous couple of months that has been filled with fear and more sadness. The  earthquake that devastated Amatrice and other villages on the 24 August has rocked our little idyll. At only 35 miles away from the epicentre we were shaken from our beds and the aftershocks continue even now. But we still have a roof over our head and our hearts still beat loudly.

Then two weeks later, Simon’s only sister died after a very short but aggressive illness. It was such a shock. Her absence leaves a huge gaping hole which will be impossible to fill. But she will live on, in her children and grandchildren and we’ve adopted an orphaned ‘quake’ kitty, named in honour of Liz and her family. POOTiE – an acronym of Phil, Olivia, Oscar, Thomas (in honour of) Elizabeth is a feisty and courageous character.

I’m hoping the regeneration, in every sense of the word, will begin soon.



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