6 word story challenge – A Weeks Worth

I’ve loved doinmagician-1646795_640g all the images and everything but I’m getting stuck into a revision course and NaNoWriMo prep so I’m running behind a bit…



Day 15: In the Shed – Serpent skins like discarded death robes

Day 16: Beware – Strangers with secret past watching you

Day 17: Black Cat – Yellow eyes follow, claws flex. Pounce.

Day 18: Wicked – Nasty thoughts, nasty deeds, happy me

Day 19: Sleepy Hollow – Tantalising flitter of leaves belie horror

Day 20: Dracula – Rising at midnight. Fuel before sunrise

Day 21 It’s Alive! – Flat line, soul has left. Then breathe.


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