Crumpet Season

There are not many things I miss from the UK after 9 years living here in Italy. But I do love a hot buttered crumpet when the temperatures fall and the stufa is lit. Even better with a smear of marmite and a soft poached egg for breakfast. So I make my own. These are scrumptious, even though I say so myself,  far better than any bought from a shop. What about you, what do you miss?


Words of Wisdom – Helen Keller

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

~Helen Keller

Sombre and sensible advice from someone who knew all about suffering.

Feeling: Toasty

 Feeling: Toasty – managed to keep the stufa in overnight and so lovely and cosy this morning. And looking outside it’s where I plan to stay with laptop and journal.  (though will probably be persuaded to take Naughty Nell for her daily walk).

Operation Nomad: Drive Redesign

Our new drive is now complete with new gate and steps, we could hire it out as a car park! But after last nights series of wobbles

Cup Half Empty?

This has never rung more true than now. I’m sure we’ll all come out stronger in some way… I have to believe that something positive will come out of all the crappiness. Being a cup half empty kinda girl, I’m going to try extra hard in believing that the cup is  actually refillable!  Which is timely as it’s G&T time 

Feeling: Grumpy

 Feeling: Grumpy, don’t know why just am. That’s okay isn’t it? (Poor Simon)

Feeling: Autumnal

 Feeling: Autumnal – lots of leaf sweeping today… I know it’s an endless task but it gives me head space


Wednesday Words of Wisdom

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

~Winston Churchill

Feeling: Tired of the Christmas talk

 Feeling: Tired of the Christmas banter all ready…

Feeling: Desensitised

 Feeling: Desensitised from the tremors – with all the work going on the drive shaking the house!

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