Still Snowbound

The snow is taking some time to shift… and will be around for sometime I think. A lot has melted compared to the pictures in this previous post and of course we’re able to get round and about, but impossible to get in the garden to sort the damage out. So we’re doing an online

Feeling: Accomplished

 Feeling: Accomplished.

Apart from shovelling mountains of snow and building temporary fencing to keep the dogs secure, my current Work in Progress – All Will Be Well – has now been professionally edited and proofed. Now onto finalising the book cover and blurb. My plans for January may have been a little frozen but the big melt has begun.

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It’s been a while since we had as much snow as this and still falling… we’ve given up on digging out and shaking the olive trees as it’s now thigh height. Feeling sorry for those with damaged houses from the quake last year, this can’t be helping. Have had to give Nell a hair trim … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror…

Although I’ve had a perfectly good week in so many ways, I’m feeling a little agitated. It’s nothing big, and will all be forgotten in a few moments. It all started off with a photo. And I promise, this has nothing to do with cats. For once. Continue reading

Wednesdays Words of Wisdom

If you fell down yesterday, today stand up

~ H G Wells

Picture of the Day: Toompea Castle

This is Toompea Castle, featured on Wikipedia’s Picture of the Day. It not only caught my eye as a fabulous setting for some character or another but it was the name of the castle that first drew me in. More than likely will use this as a prompt for a writing session.


Attribution here


Penna San Giovanni – Weather

Find more about Weather in Penna San Giovanni, IY
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Feeling: Successful

Feeling: Succesful

Yeah! The edits on All Will Be Well are done, on target. That’s the first of my goals for this year achieved…starting how I mean to go on.


The Christmas Witch

Yes, that’s right. Christmas isn’t over yet. Not in Italy. Today is Epiphany and last night thousands and thousands of Italian children will have been waiting for Befana, the Christmas Witch. I do hope that she paid special attention to  Continue reading

Feeling: Brrr

Feeling: Brrr  

Well, as forecasted the snow has arrived. Personally, I love it. Great excuse to snuggle down with a good book by the stufa. This was taken barely an hour after we got back from a sunny (but cold) walk with the dogs. Good timing. And I managed to get a good editing session done in the ‘writing room’ – 1700 words. So a good day all in all.

Wednesdays Words of Wisdom

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

~Samuel Beckett

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