The Christmas Witch

Yes, that’s right. Christmas isn’t over yet. Not in Italy. Today is Epiphany and last night thousands and thousands of Italian children will have been waiting for Befana, the Christmas Witch. I do hope that she paid special attention to those children displaced by the earthquakes. Seems to me that they need a little more than most. And with the snow arriving yesterday, I’m sure Befana had more cold extremities than you can imagine! In Italian folklore the Christmas Witch is an old women who visits children on the eve of Epiphany, leaving them with sweets if they’ve been good and a lump of coal if they’ve been bad. Her mode of travel, of course is a broomstick and she is often covered in soot from flying down the chimney. So not too different to Father Christmas then.

So today is a Bank Holiday here though I have visited the writing room. Another three hour stint and I’ve almost completed the edits on All Will Be Well (working title, may well change very shortly). And I’ve submitted a short story, uploaded a very draft muse to my online writing group and started to sort out Simon’s birthday present for the end of the month. So a productive day all in all and now I’m warming myself by the stufa – predictions are suggesting the temperature will fall to minus 10 tonight. Multiple woollies required!

Ciao for Now

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