Mirror, Mirror…

Although I’ve had a perfectly good week in so many ways, I’m feeling a little agitated. It’s nothing big, and will all be forgotten in a few moments. It all started off with a photo. And I promise, this has nothing to do with cats. For once. I need to renew my passport and therefore supply two new ‘recent’ photo’s in typical passport style. And lets face it, passport photo’s don’t do anything for anyone. Not even if you look like Cindy Crawford, or Marilyn Munroe, or Jennifer Lawrence – and believe me, I don’t look like any of them. It’s just a photo after all, and I shouldn’t have compared the new one with the old one. I just keep telling myself it was ten years ago and hey, a lot has happened in those ten years. Simon assures me that beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder… (his eyesight is not the best).

I haven’t worn hard core make-up for years, a brush of bronzer and a swipe of lippy if I’m going out anywhere I might be seen. I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror grooming and wishing I looked like any of the above mentioned ‘beauties’. I’m not fishing for compliments either.  My darling husband compliments me on a daily basis, without any prompts or threats.

It’s a good job I’m not of the selfie generation. Goodness me, it would be awful. All that pouting and arranging the hair, how many minutes, hours must be lost in all that effort! *shudder* I couldn’t think of anything worse. To be fair, I never, ever, take a good photo. I look back at old school photo’s and cringe. I think Pootie and Nell are much more photogenic – just look at my Facebook profile.  And it will be another ten years before I have to confront myself again in this particular harsh mirror.  Better still if fingerprint passports were brought in and surely much more effective than a mug shot and less challenging for those of us with a photo phobia.

On reflection, after the constant hum of Carly Simon singing ‘You’re so vain‘ winging about my head, writing about my silly little angst does have some benefits. I’ve just realised that this would make a great Penny and George story… another scene to embellish and add to the next series, so not all in vain then.

Ciao for now,



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