Feeling: Accomplished

Feeling:  Accomplished 

First writing session in my new space today. The van has many attributes, even when stationary on the drive. Complete silence apart from the rain pattering on the roof, warm and cosy and no interruptions from internet, phone or animali! Not sure how long the last one will last, I’m sure Nell will demand entrance soon.

Welcome 2017!

Hurrah! 2016 is finally over.  I know I’m a bit late with welcoming in the New Year but I just had to make sure that 2016 was well and truly gone. My very own personal annus horribilis (and I know the same for many) has come to an end. Even in the dying hours of the year, the washer finally gave up the ghost but that’s fairly sortable. I’m sure that I shall learn from some of the crap that has come my way, apparently life throws these curved balls so we can appreciate the good times. And good times I shall have, with the man who makes me happier every minute I spend with him – of course he’s not perfect all the time  and our wonderful menagerie of animals and lots of adventures on the road.

Dad was with me in spirit today as I took my first test drive in Bobbus, our new motorhome. His photo takes pride of place in the front of the van.  I took him (that’s the van) for a spin around an empty ‘sosta di campa’ behind the vets in Passo.  Simon was very patient – I don’t drive very much and he can be critical to say the least about my skills but we’re both learners in this particular field. I don’t feel quite confident in going out on the open road just yet though I did provide some entertainment to the old fellah who was taking in his passagiata around the very same circuit. Not sure who was more verging on madness as we went round and round, me or him but I got a gappy smile when I reversed into a slot. Easy to do when there aren’t any vehicles around. Next time I will take it on the road to Sarnarno, which is long, straight and wide enough for me to get my perspective right without upsetting any other motorists. Fingers crossed. 

So, we wish all my family and friends, near and far, a wonderful and peaceful New Year with happier times and lighter hearts.

Ciao for Now, Jo and Simon x






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