Creative Writing Space(s)

They say, that creating a ‘space’ to write is important for an author. Whilst I couldn’t agree more, the chance would be a fine thing in our tiny (but oh so cozy) casa… I have several writing spaces, depending on the time of year, my mood and sometimes the part of the writing process I’m entailed in. Our very tiny dining room has a small desk shoved into a recess above which dangle my essential books and files. However, I prefer to sit at the table as it has more leg room and I have more space to spread all my stuff out, pens, books, glasses – you know the ‘stuff’ of writers.

Another space is the fairly new ‘Bobbus’ – a kind of mobile writing retreat but he’s equally useful when he’s stationary. When I really want to shut myself away I escape here, taking only the essentials with me usually when I’m editing as I need to concentrate.

My third writing space has the best view and is accessed in the better weather (which to be fair can be a good chunk of the year), though I must admit to sitting out there when it’s raining, taking in the smells of the water and the sounds of drops on the tile roof above. It is this space where I have lots of ‘assistants’, who don’t seem to do much at all, other than sleep. They are very comforting though, and this is the place where I garner most of my inspiration, just looking out at the vista which changes day by day.



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