Self Discovery Week 1: Favourite Physical Feature

I’ve signed up to 52 Weeks of Self Discovery prompts which I thought I’d share here, rather than in my journal. Some of it maybe of interest, most of it possibly not, but your choice. Feel free to comment with your own piece of self discovery.

1. What is your favorite physical characteristic (face or body)? Describe a time you felt proud of that feature. Here’s my take…

I’m told that my best physical feature are my eyes. They are difficult to define in terms of colour; a sort of greeny-bluey grey and I’m informed are large, pulling the observer into my face, which is a shame, because they’ll be disappointed with the rest of my features. More to be learnt in next weeks blog on self discovery. Actually my eyes were always a means to tease in my childhood. My delightful siblings used to love it when I laughed because I scrunched my eyes up, earning a nick name that wouldn’t be very pc these days, but that’s how it was then. 

One fellow student on my Masters in Business Administration course (I was 26 years of age,  working full-time and a single parent to a five-year-old), said my eyes told him that I was ‘a river running deep’. Ha! There was no romance going on, I promise, but now I look back I think he was probably trying to chat me up and I didn’t realise…

Simon, my adorable husband, tells me that my long legs are also one of my best features. That must include my feet, which for a woman are quite large at 71/2 but if I had smaller feet I would more than likely fall over. Again another source of humour in my childhood; my darling Dad used to sing ‘Can’t love ya cos your feets too big’ by Fats Waller to me. *Sigh* But I don’t have any hang ups – honest!

So, I haven’t exactly described a time I felt proud of my ‘favourite’ features but as my only child has the most beautiful eyes and is tall to boot (as is his daughter) I must have passed on something good. 😅

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