Self Discovery and Self Consciousness

Week 2 of Self Discovery: What physical characteristics are you most self-conscious about? How could you make peace with those?
Well, last week I mentioned my feet, but that’s a practical issue as I said, if they were any smaller I’d fall over. It’s all about proportion.. I think like many women, I’m self conscious about most parts of my body at different times for different reasons, dependant upon mood and hormones!. If I were forced to pick one, it would be my hands funnily enough. I have sausage fingers, not very elegant at all and I’ve always yearned for long, painted talons. This desire was achieved for a short while when I was earning money and could afford nail extensions. Not very practical though for working in the garden, tapping at the computer or cuddling with the animali, so quite peaceful with what I’ve got, thank you very much. Actually as I get older, I worry less about these kind of ‘skin deep’ things… buy that only comes with age and the realisation that there is nothing you can do about it. We need to accept ourselves for what we are.

“I’m one of the world’s most self-conscious people. I really have to struggle.” Marilyn Monroe

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