Double Marriage Celebration: Part One

Si and I got ‘married’ twice in 1998, both times in the month of June. The first time was on June 11th and 11am in our beloved Firenze (that’s Florence). Just the two of us, our interpreter, Mara and two strangers, Joanna and Richard who were pulled off the street as our witnesses. The film, ‘Tea With Moussolini’ was being shot in the square and on the morning of our our wedding we were woken by torrential rain! Simon had to do an emergency shop to buy umbrellas and we had great fun sploshing across to the Palazzo Vecchio where the service took place in the Salle Rossa.  A magical time, I felt like a Princess – although I wasn’t dressed like one, as you can see I was determined not to look the typical bride.

By the time we’d done the deed, the sun was shining, and we learnt that the Italians believe it’s lucky to get married in the rain. They even have a saying, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata“. I know many couples pray for good weather for their special day, but nothing could have spoilt this precious time for us.

I’ll share details of our second time, next week…

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