Self Discovery: My Weakness

What is your greatest weakness? Describe a time this weakness held you back.

Oh, and I have so many. Only one? Really? Well this is my journey of self discovery so I suppose I can have as many as I want. Why is it we always concentrate on our weaknesses? I guess it’s human nature, but have we been taught to think that way by our parents, who learnt from their parents or is it inherent. This is sounding way to philosophical for my liking so let me get on with the task in hand. I’m going to pick two. Then shall balance it out with one more strength on top of the one from last weeks post. That sounds like a fair way to play.

Sensitive – over-sensitive though I try not to show it. I’ve been trying to grow a hard skin since I don’t know when. I do take things to heart, again it’s that Piscean in me but it’s so true! I agonise over silly, trite little things, usually something I’ve said or thought and it will keep me awake for hours at night (along with the dratted night sweats).

Procrastination – I will put things off., usually my writing because I still feel that it’s indulgent. I’m really trying hard at the moment to think differently, that being a writer is a job and I do it full time! But because it doesn’t come with a regulalr, guaranteed pay cheque I think I should do it later, after, whenever. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any other jobs that do pay, but being in the garden, cleaning the house, baking… I’ve started a course to help with the marketing of my work which hopefully will result in some more sales and allow me to develop a more business focussed approach to writing. With Simon retiring next year and my Mrs Mop duties on hold, I have to up my game!

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. Now that’s success.”

Zig Ziglar

So my second strength as well as my independence? I think I can be very empathetic, which means putting myself in other peoples shoes to try and experience why they are acting in a certain way or discover if I can offer support. I used this strength more in one of my past lives as a nurse, although it did have it’s disadvantages as well as serve me well.
There, I feel all balanced now.

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