Self Discovery Prompt: I can’t stand it when…



This weeks prompt: “I can’t stand it when other people…” Examine those character flaws. Do you also possess them? Be honest.

I can’t stand it when other people use social media to have a go at someone or push their values as the ‘right’ ones, like eating choices, religion or politics.
Online places like Facebook and Twitter are great for having a bit of fun and keeping in touch with distant friends and family. However, often they are used as a sounding board for cyber bullies and trolls who hide behind the safety of their keyboard, say things to people they would never dream of saying to their face (and if they do then they are doubly horrid). Having been a victim of childhood bullying – my only fault being good at spelling and having to wear NHS spectacles – I’m particularly sensitive when I see or hear this kind of activity. I remember having to be driven home by my teacher, which yes, of course made it all the worse, and then I think my big brother stepped in but all the same, it knocks your confidence and it’s something you never forget.
Trouble is those who operate on the world stage (and I’m talking not just about across the pond, think it happens in our backyard too) are partaking in this very public humiliation of individuals just because they think they have a right to. We all have a right to our own opinion but sometimes keeping it to ourselves is best, particularly when there is no wrong or right answer. I guess this shows my personality more than anything. I would rather watch from the sides rather than get involved in a full blown debate, apart from with close friends and family who would verify that I can be very opinionated about some things! And yes, I’m probably guilty of having done  that in the comfort of their company. 😜

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