Self Discovery Prompt # 10 – Favourite Animal

This Weeks Prompt is: Name an animal whose characteristics you admire. Are you in any way like that animal?

Those of you who know me are aware that I have lots of animals. Three dogs, six cats and three chickens. I’d love a goat, but Simon won’t hear of it, nor a Vietnamese pot bellied pig – I suppose I could try and adopt one of the wild boar around here but that wouldn’t go down well either, far too destructive. My favourite animal though

is one I couldn’t ever accommodate here, not without my garden being an ocean somewhere. I love dolphins. Always have. I’m a Pisces, so have a natural affinity with fish. In fact I love to swim and be in the sea, I find it a fascinating place. It offers so much freedom, so much undiscovered and has some of the most fantastic looking creatures that we’d never see on land. To get back to the dolphin, I admire their cheeky nature coupled with an intelligent mind we don’t fully understand, and probably never will. Most of all I’m drawn by their eyes, which pull me in somehow, they connect on an emotional level that I find difficult to describe.


And if I was pushed to name a land animal, it would be an orang-utan. Possibly for the same reasons as the dolphin, cheeky but clever and I just love their sanguine kind of look.We ‘adopted’ a baby orang-utan from a monkey sanctuary as a birthday present for our grandson (and for our granddaughter – a Dorset Doormouse).

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