Self Discovery Post #12 – An Enjoyable Day

This weeks prompt is: Describe a day in your life that was especially enjoyable. What made the day so good?

Most days are enjoyable particularly those spent with family as when you live a thousand miles away they are very rare. My son’s annual trip to see us has been and gone so I’m feeling a bit wistful, we always have a fab time, doing things we wouldn’t normally do. It’s tiring as our tiny house for two expands to accommodate six and we have a few heated moments especially when the temperatures have been so high! But this time, my granddaughter has stayed on for an additional four weeks. I feel very honoured, that at the age of 12, she wanted to spend some time with us, particularly as she has not spent much time away from her parents at all. It’s a great opportunity to understand the young woman she will become.

On the other hand, I’m looking to more days spent together in our motorhome. I’ve mentioned before the events of the last 12 months: death of loved ones, earthquakes, two metres of snow, more earthquakes and now a sizzling summer. All of these experiences have tested my view of my tiny patch of paradise. I no longer believe that one place will make me happy, after all there are many people who are displaced from what they call ‘home’.  I’ve realised that it isn’t about bricks (or in my case, stones) and mortar, or possessions or clothes, or ‘things’. It’s about who you are with and how you feel about yourself. We’re planning to do lots more trips as Simon retires next year 😀 and with the company of Nell the Springer Spaniel and Pootie (the cat who thinks he’s a dog), it’s about all I need to have an enjoyable day, wherever we may land up… our live is definitely going to become more nomadic.

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