Self Discovery Prompt # 14 – Hope for the Future

This weeks prompt is the opposite to last weeks: What are your hopes for the future?
And my first thought that the answer is the same…

The notion of hope is a much more positive one. It’s more proactive than being afraid, in my book anyway. On the other hand, hopes can be as destructive as fears if they don’t come to fruition. I’d rather make something happen than just sit back and hope. What we do in the here and now has to impact on the tomorrow, or the next day, week, year. So for me it all comes back to what we do in the present, what I do today.

I looked up synonyms for the word ‘hope’ and although the more relevant ones were about optimism, beliefs, aspirations and dreams, the words that stuck out were; castles in the air, fools paradise, pipe dreams. Like fears, I can hope for anything. Winning the lottery, having five more minutes with my Dad, turning the clock back 12 months to start again. But none of this is going to happen. Nor can I make it happen.

I’m not sure why I’m struggling with these two prompts about hope and fear but that’s okay. I’m happy to take things one day at a time, learn from my mistakes and celebrate my successes and I suppose that will influence my future… wherever that may take me.

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