Wednesday Words of Wisdom

“You can’t be blocked if you just keep writing words. Any words. People who get blocked make the mistake of thinking they have to be good words.” ~ Martha Grimes

This is what NaNoWrimo is all about, getting words down on paper. That shitty first draft. It doesn’t have to make sense nor does it need to look pretty. My mantra is ‘just write’. The story arrives much later.

A presto,

On My Bookshelf

For the last year I have really found it difficult to read a book from start to end. I can’t determine whether I’m just choosing the wrong books or Continue reading


🤒Feeling: as if I’ve swallowed a bag of swords…even the kitties don’t want to get up. PJ day, like when you were little, cuddled up on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet. Hoping to scribble some words later.

Writers Magazine: Issue 7 – Grab your Free Copy

WA Magazine – The Third Space

My writers group, Writers Abroad, has published its seventh issue of WA Magazine – The Third Space. It’s a free publication because we all believe in access to reading and have a very loyal following of supporters who love to read our writing. We’re a mixed bunch from across the world, all living in a country within which we are aliens (or have lived abroad at sometime). The experience of living in a different country with the cultural and communication challenges that come with the turf can influence our writing on a different level.

In this issue we have focused on flash fiction (following valuable feedback from our readers)  which includes a contribution from a guest writer. But there is something for everyone and it’s the kind of thing you can pick up when you have five minutes… waiting in the doctors or dentists, stuck in a supermarket cue, waiting for the cake to bake or your golf partner to take his shot. You will find poetry, articles about life abroad, recipes, book reviews, author interviews and images from our budding photographers.

We even have a very short and easy quiz which will earn the first correct entry 15 euros of Amazon Gift Vouchers. All answers can be found in the magazine! Whats not to like? 😍

Grab your free digital online here or download your own personal PDF copy. And let me know what you think!

Nano and Me

It’s that time again. NaNoWriMo. No, not baby babble, National Novel Writing Month, if you please. This event happens every year, during the month of November. Thousands, literally thousands of writers use the impetus of participating in this event to… well write, of course. And the title is a little misleading, the target word count is 50,000 which some say Continue reading

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