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For the last year I have really found it difficult to read a book from start to end. I can’t determine whether I’m just choosing the wrong books or my attention span is so dreadful that I can’t concentrate. I fear the latter. The silence I prefer for reading is part of the problem I think. I’m always listening out for the next tremble so prefer to fill the space with sound.

However, I did manage to read The Light Between Oceans earlier on in the year. And I watched the film. I’m aware that book reviews (or reviews of any kind) are profoundly subjective but as authors we depend on them to help sell our books. I will rate them rather than pick them to pieces and generally it’s whether it held my attentions, allowed me to live through a character or took me to a different world.


So five stars for The Light Between Oceans, I found it extremely touching on so many levels: the desire in women to have children, the love of a man for his woman that he stands by her no matter what and the sacrifice he made for her. A must read and see in my book – pardon the pun – but what would I know?

I would quite like to spend some time on an island with just a lighthouse. And my man that does , of course, I mean a girl needs to be spoilt on a regular basis, particularly when she’s writing. 😎

So as I strive to find a story that engages me, pray tell… what would you recommend?

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Did Si ever read the book we spoke about, ‘Beneath the Scarllet Sky’? If so what did he think?