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For the last year I have really found it difficult to read a book from start to end. I can’t determine whether I’m just choosing the wrong books or my attention span is so dreadful that I can’t concentrate. I fear the latter. The silence I prefer for reading is part of the problem I think. I’m always listening out for the next tremble so prefer to fill the space with sound.

However, I did manage to read The Light Between Oceans earlier on in the year. And I watched the film. I’m aware that book reviews (or reviews of any kind) are profoundly subjective but as authors we depend on them to help sell our books. I will rate them rather than pick them to pieces and generally it’s whether it held my attentions, allowed me to live through a character or took me to a different world.


So five stars for The Light Between Oceans, I found it extremely touching on so many levels: the desire in women to have children, the love of a man for his woman that he stands by her no matter what and the sacrifice he made for her. A must read and see in my book – pardon the pun – but what would I know?

I would quite like to spend some time on an island with just a lighthouse. And my man that does , of course, I mean a girl needs to be spoilt on a regular basis, particularly when she’s writing. 😎

So as I strive to find a story that engages me, pray tell… what would you recommend?

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Did Si ever read the book we spoke about, ‘Beneath the Scarllet Sky’? If so what did he think?


Yes, he did and liked it, especially the bit with the famous racing driver in it… his voracious appetite for reading continues. I’ve started to read it and am halfway through but got distracted by something else. Will pick it up again…

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