Happiness is…

Happiness is a Habit
Cultivate it ~ Elbert Hubbard

The habits I’m trying cultivate include…

Daily Crossword – we’ve been doing this for years. On a Sunday we do a Telegraph General Crossword surrounded by our small collection of dusty reference books and no internet! I regularly used to chat with my Dad about his attempts, one of the things I miss about him not being here… the chats and stuff. 😢

Daily Word Count (at least 2k over 5 days a week) – I know I can do this, every November I do it for NaNoWriMo. I commit to five days a week because I don’t subscribe to the ‘must write every day’ adage, though I do (write every day) because…

Morning Pages with the odd exception I haven’t missed a day in two years. I wake up and grab my journal and fountain pen whilst rubbing the sleep from my eyes and write until a page is full of whatever is in my head. I’ve often been awake for ages (I habitually wake at around 3.30am every morning since the ‘wobbles’ of August 2016) so I have plenty of angst to pour forth. But it really is the best thing I do.

Solitaire and Sudoku – Brain gym as I call it. I love Solitaire, it brings about my competitive streak within me, against myself! And I was hopeless at maths – failed my O’level (as they were then) three times. But Sudoku and Killer Sudoko at that, just clicks… well the easy and medium puzzles that is.

Improve my Italian  I think my Italian has actually deteriorated since I moved to Italy. We live in a part of Italy which doesn’t speak ‘standard’ Italian (the language was only standardised in 1945) and most folk talk the Marchigiani dialect which is nothing like what I was taught. However, I do believe we have to try, Simon is so much better than I. It’s all a matter of confidence and learning how to listen.

Walking the Dogs Weather permitting that is. I’m a fair weather walker to be honest. It’s a bit curtailed in terms of length at the moment because Bertie, our 9yr old Maremma, is pretty stiff and we are dictated by his pace. Still, it doesn’t stop Nellie racing around and even Pootie, our kittie, demands to come sometimes!

So what habits to give up?

Well, we both gave up smoking in 2004 – took us less than a month and a diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2 to convince us. Haven’t slipped back, even though I was tempted with the events of 2016.

I do love a glass of red wine or two and it is healthy for you (that’s the advice I take on it anyway). Though this year we are going to have a day of 600 calories intake or less and I wouldn’t be able to eat if I had a glass of wine… will let you know how it goes!

Catastrophising is my biggest flaw. I’ve only recently learnt the phrase but it fits me like a glove, my default thought base is always ‘the worst’.

So what about you? Come on ‘fess up 😊


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