4 Amazing Libraries

There’s not much I miss about living in a country that is not my birthplace. Here in rural Italy things are harder to come by in terms of some things. For example, it’s a good job I love cooking the local dishes but I’ve also learnt how to make many things I can’t get. Samosas, spring rolls, hummus, pitta bread, crumpets – to name but a few. I have an international palette and if you put your mind to it, you can cook anything.

However, the one thing I truly, truly miss is a library. And there is no substitute. I used to take myself off to my local ones in Dorset – there were a number in close distance to choose from and each as different as the next. I loved to browse the shelves, flick through a heavy reference book and just savour the feeling of being surrounded by words.

Here are some pictures of amazing libraries, that I would love to visit. You’ll notice that they’re all kind of similar in terms of their soul. Libraries do have souls, don’t they? I find them quite magical.

What about you?

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