My Top Three Favourite Meals

I’ve never dieted in my life. I remember my mum experimenting with all kinds of diets and fads. She believed everything she read in the media and would follow it for a few days before it kind of slid of the agenda. And she was a fantastic and able cook, catering for five kids whilst we all lived at home. I still have problems with portion control cooking for two, but the bonus is we always have plenty in the freezer 😁

The one eating habit – aka diet – I’m going try out (actually it’s a ‘we’ commitment) is a day of low calorie meals, around 6oo calories to be exact. It’s a hybrid of the 5:2 concept because I think one day will be easier than two. For now. As we all know most habits fail the first few times so you need to build up.  My motivation is my husband, who had Diabetes Type 2. No, he doesn’t eat sugar by the bucketful, Simon has a family history of the disease and it’s the card he was dealt.

Anyway, it’s an effort to kick-start his natural insulin production with a view to him coming off the injections. No more motivation needed then. I’ll let you know how we get on. And of course there will be benefits for me, I hope, when I look down at the scales. They very rarely see the light of day. Sadly, 600 calories will mean that the wine consumption will be curtailed, in fact non-existent, if we want to eat! We’re on our second consecutive week and it’s not as dire as anticipated. It’s amazing what you can eat for 600 calories.

So top three meals (all homemade and calorie rich)

  • Steak, Onion Rings and Chips
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken with Egg Fried Rice
  • Aubergine and Potato Curry

So what are your top three? Doesn’t have to be savoury, of course, but I’m not a ‘sweet’ kind of girl.

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