Character Interview: Eve Lacey

Today, I’m interviewing a character from one of my books, All Will Be Well. 

Who Are You? Eve Lacey

Where you the heroine in the story? Well, yes I suppose I was but I worked with many heroes and heroines. My story takes place during World War Two when sacrifice for others was part of our daily life, so for me I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Though of course, these were extraordinary times and Isobel, my dear friend, taught me so much.

Do you embrace conflict? Not in an aggressive way, no. My aunt, my father’s sister, is a bully and I can stand up for myself when I want to. I prefer to work things through ordinarily but during my story I found it hard to be honest about my feelings because of the situation.

What are your achievements? My biggest achievement was leaving the  farm where I’d been brought up to go and live in London at sixteen to start my nurse training. Up until the death of my father I couldn’t have imagined leaving home.

What makes you sad? Losing people. Not just my family; my parents and my brothers but patients as well. I always shed a tear when someone passes, it’s painful to go through time and time again, yet at the same time I feel so privileged to share those last moments.

What makes you happy? During these times, it’s hard to experience happiness like I did as a child, carefree and full of hope. War makes you appreciate the here and now, the immediacy of the moment for the future could be-and is for some-so short.

Has anyone betrayed you? Some would say that Jack did, but I’ll let you make your own mind up about that.

What is your most prized possession and why? The wooden box, left by father on my birthday the day he died. It contained some personal things that my mother had left for me. My father had to hide it in the barn, away from my Aunt as she would have wanted to sell them.

What is your favorite scent and why? Patchouli is my favourite, it’s one of the few things I remember about my mother. It has such a calming effect on me, taking me back to her singing to me at bathtime whilst tickling my back.

What is your favorite color and why? Midnight blue, you know the colour I mean. Almost black. My only best dress as a young girl was made of velvet in this colour and I wore it until it almost dropped off me.

What is your favorite food and why? Bangers and Mash, because it’s so easy to do. I’m not a great cook.

What is your favorite beverage and why? Coffee,  bean-ground coffee because in the war we had to make do with ersatz which is disgusting to say the least.

What is your favorite music and why? We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn, because you have to believe it.

Name five items in your purse. An old picture of my parents on their wedding day, creased and cracked with wear and tear. A telegram from Jack. A small sewing kit for urgent repairs, handful of shillings and a lipstick of Isobel’s in neutral pink.

Who inspired you character? A real life woman who worked as a nurse during the war. Her name was Pat Branden and without her this story wouldn’t have been told. She is also credited with the title, a term she used.

If the book was made into a film, who would play your part? Jessice Raine (Call The Midwife) or Juliette Binoche (Chocolat, The English Patient)

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