Music and Writing

Like my taste in books, my musical leanings are quite catholic. As long as I can understand and hear the lyrics. I am not a fan of those discordant, shouty kind of songs which just make a din and give me a headache.

I sometimes listen to music as I write. It depends what I’m working on. For instance, as I develop a path into the genre of fantasy I am listening to music that promotes that kind of thought. The Game of Thrones theme tune (which to me sounds the same as the one for the TV series The Crown) is one of my favourites.

The trouble is because I like songs that tell a story through the lyrics I often get kind of taken up and it can become a distraction. But these are a few of my favourite artists, who I usually listen to when I’m cooking or cleaning (not a common or regular activity but it helps!)

  • Paloma Faith – she’s so quirky
  • Michael Buble – makes my knees wobble 😉
  • John Legend – so smooth
  • Rag and Bone Man – love his originality
  • Whitney Houston – I loved The Bodyguard
  • George Michael – can’t believe he’s gone 😢
  • Musicals – too many to mention, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable
  • Abba – Who doesn’t like them? My two little sisters dressed up as Abba for our Millenium Party. I wasn’t asked, you’d understand if you heard me sing.🤣

My favourite radio programme is Trevor Nelson’s Rythym Nation broadcast on a Saturday night but I usually listen to it whilst cooking the Sunday Roast! The songs remind me so much of my youth (as I say that I know I sound like I’m ancient but I’m not, honest!) which is a great place to revisit occasionally.

So how about you? What rocks your boat in terms of a tune?

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