Gardening Leave

Some days I have to down my pen and take my characters out with me into the garden. We have a fairly large plot of land. Almost two acres and coming from one the size of a postage stamp in the UK it was a bit of a shock. Still is, ten years on! Come on in, I’ll take you on a small tour…

Back in the day when I had, what is considered by some (not me) a ‘real’ job, gardening leave meant something entirely different. I can choose when I spend time in the garden, and very rarely is that time used to just sit.

Olive pruning – We have 30 odd trees and they don’t need a lot of maintenance to be fair. In return they provide lots of scrumptious oil which keeps us going all year round.


Bamboo maintenance – It looks lovely but it’s like a rash. Popping up everywhere. Come the spring and we’ll have little babies everywhere.



Orto preparation – It’s a bit Heath Robinson our veggie patch but it does the job. Digging in lots of compost (with resident worms) keeps the soil, and the chickens happy. Peas will be our first planting, just come to the end of last years.

Grass Cutting – Our land is on a bit of a slope, which is great in one aspect aswe will never get flooded. On the other hand it’s a bit of a trial to mow, but always a satisfying job. Yep, that’s our house you can see at the top and that’s all grass that needs to be mown or strimmed.

Rose and Bed care – Over the ten years we’ve been here, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. You’d think having a South facing garden would be ideal but the trouble is we have no shade whatsoever. Roses don’t mind, nor does lavender and we keep beds to a minimum…

The garden, along with regular dog walking, is my equivalent of a gym workout. I prefer not getting hot and sweaty amongst a load of strangers and I don’t have to compare my figure with anyone else! Another bonus. I often sort our story problems when I’m in the garden, a change of scenery helps my brain to think differently.

And with our plans to be more nomadic we’re looking for lots of ways to develop a more low maintenance plan. 😉So any ideas you have will be welcome.

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