Things That Inspire My Writing

Being a writer can be quite frantic at times. Well, in my head it’s frantic. Everywhere I look I can see the potential of a new story. Inspiration comes in many forms and shapes, here are some of mine.

Social Media:

Pinterest is my favourite social media platform, because it’s so visual, and that’s my preferred method of thinking. I can (and do) spend literally hours looking at boards and ‘pins’ as they’re known. I particularly use Pinterest to shape my characters, often using celebrities I’d consider to be perfect for the role. To feed my fantasy muse, who is becoming more dominant, Pinterest is perfect.

Facebook to some degree can also be a source of inspiration. It could be a picture, a conversation, a quote or a news story. My favourite are from Wicca – really wish I could have been born a witch. Maybe I am, who knows?

“All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalizing source of inspiration that teases our sense of wonder and goads us on to life’s next adventure.” 
― Rob Brezsny


My writing group, Writers Abroad, provides a regular Monday Muse. We take it in turns to provide creative writing prompts to help get our creative juices going. It could be a picture, a first line, a piece of dialogue, random words. Anything. I regularly use prompts to revitalise my foggy brain and many a story has been born from these very small beginnings. I rarely think about what I’m going to write, just what spills out of the chaos in my head.


If you’ve read my blogs you know that I don’t get out very often. It’s a choice thing, Simon doesn’t chain me to the kitchen sink – honest! But when I do go out I’m a chronic eavesdropper, regularly getting lost in someone else’s conversation. Is that bad? Here in Italy, it can be a little more tricky in terms of translation, but I look at it as improving my Italian.


I get ideas for bigger concepts from some of the books I read. I wouldn’t pinch a plot, but it’s difficult to come up with original stories. I believe that writers do write similar plots to other writers, but they because they are written by another individual it’s an original take. If that makes sense?


I’m very moved by lyrics, as long as I can hear and understand them! Often I will use the essence of a song in a conversation between characters or a piece of monologue. Not word for word but in terms of sentimentality.

I’m sure there are many more sources for inspiration, the world is full of stimulating things. So tell me, where you get your inspiration from, what whets your appetite in terms of story telling?


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