Feeding My Muse


Last week I wrote about where I got my inspiration from… today I’m sharing a few ‘pins’ from My Pinterest board. You’ll learn a lot from what goes on in my head from these pictures. For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest it’s a place to save, organise and store images. You can follow other ‘Pinners’ with similar interests, create boards and save individual ‘pins’ (just another name for images).  A word of warning though, you can spend ages lost in the world of Pinterest and before you know it the hours have just slipped by. Very pleasurable time out though.


Pinterest is my absolute favourite becuase it is so visual, as you can see. I do need to do a bit of housekeeping. Like my home, it tends to get a bit untidy and grubby. 😉

You can follow me and my boards on Pinterest (links in the side bar)and if you do, let me know you have and I’ll follow you back.

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