My Writing Toolbox

What is in your writers toolbox? For example, what computer do you use? Do you write longhand? What kind of pen do you use? What writing software do you use? And so on…here are mine

You would think that all a writer needs is pen and paper. Sounds simple enough but it’s not that easy. Especially if you are an Indie writer where you are writer and publisher. Some would say that writers today are lucky to have so much help, especially through the massive opportunities that the internet offers. I would argue that sometimes, I would just prefer a bottle of ink, a nib and a clean white sheet.

Anyway, here are my favourite tools…

Fountain Pen – I have around 5 or 6 fountain pens for real but on my wish list are many, many more. For me there is no greater experience than writing with ink.

Moleskine Journals – in fact they don’t have to be Moleskine. Like fountain pens I could, and do, have a fetish for collecting these, of all quality, colour and size. Starting a new journal is very special.

Scrivener Writing Software – this powerful piece of technology is able to do far more than my tiny brain is able to cope with. It’s great for drafting, redrafting and rewriting, so much more flexible than Word. I use it like a storyboard and move things around, do timelines, examine point of view distribution. And more to boot, it compiles in all kind of formats. And it’s a reasonable price.

Asus Laptop (used to be a MacBook Air, but that’s another story) – Well, I can’t really claim to be a writer and not have a laptop. I’m not able to talk about my beloved McBA yet, but the relationship came to an end far too soon.

Pro Writing Aid – another fabulous piece of software which won’t break the poor writers piggy bank. I’ve just purchased the lifetime licence and although it does far more than I ever use, it’s well worth the investment.

Draft2Digital – I learnt about this service from a marketing course with Nick Stephenson. It’s the most useful subscription I have for marketing and delivering books to readers in a simple way. It keeps everything all in one place and places your books with all the major retailers.

And last but not least, my soul mate, best friend and husband of twenty years, Simon. Without whom none of these tools could encourage me to keep writing.

How about you?

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