Room with a View

My room with a view. Today my post has nothing to do specifically with writing per se… however, writing is always

Self Help Books for Writers

I have read a ton of books related to the process of writing, from generating ideas, to character development, plot outlines and a premise – to Continue reading

Infographics on Writing

This post highlights some infographics on writing, which caught my eye. Not sure what an infographic is? Well, have a look and hopefully it will all become clear…      

10 Writing Obstacles – and how I overcome them

I don’t particularly like snails, they cause havoc in my veggie garden but this picture summed up the essence of this post for me! No, I know, snails aren’t classed as a Continue reading

Introducing Freya…

Nope, she’s not a character in one of my books, but a character nevertheless. Freya is seven years old, with white hair and the most beautiful Continue reading

On My List of Things To Do…

I have a lot to do in April. I hate to use the word ‘busy’, it drives me mad and it’s used mostly as a poor excuse for not getting things done.  After all we all have Continue reading

Writing Advice

What have other writers said that inspired you to keep going? These are some of my favourites…

Keeping Track of Time

Keeping track of time in any genre of writing can be a little like blowing on a dandelion or licking your finger to see which way the wind is blowing. I’ve struggled to keep tabs in my historical novels, often spending Continue reading

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