Introducing Freya…

Nope, she’s not a character in one of my books, but a character nevertheless. Freya is seven years old, with white hair and the most beautiful eyes.

This is how she started off. She’s a Maremma, an Italian sheepdog in other words, and is the size of a small donkey. I joke not. She probably weighs around 50kgs and is intent on squeezing herself into the smallest of places, despite her size. She literally thinks she is a lapdog.

Freya guards our land, with our other Maremma, Bertie, with fervor. She sounds very ferocious, scares the Italians but actually is the softest dog I know. She can be so nervous you wouldn’t believe it. Like the character that Catherine Tate does, who screams at the slightest thing, for example the toaster.

Freya was born in a field, along with several siblings and her future was not going to have a happy ending. She’s a female and therefore surplus to requirements. Having said that, she loves to be where ever we are and can often be found asleep on our sofa. Yes, we allow our dogs and cats, the run of our tiny house. What is ours is theirs… 😍

Who do you share your life with?


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