Bank Holiday Fun

Not where you are? Well, here in Italy, the bank holidays fall on the day they are set to, so apart from Easter we don’t get bank holidays on Mondays, even if the holiday falls at the weekend. That’s just the way it crumbles around here. To be fair, bank holidays don’t feel the same. Our little peaceful corner of the world doesn’t really change at all. There are no long queues of traffic – what is that all about? – and no panic buying at the supermarket. As with all things in Italy, these days are pretty chilled.

So today is Labour day, or “La Festa dei Lavori” and it’s taken pretty seriously. Last week there was another bank holiday, the 25th in recognition of the liberation of Italy. Some places were open but today, everyone takes a holiday. Well most people. Some restaurants may be open but don’t count on it. Most people spend the day lazily at some park which has been freshly mown by the ‘commune’ (local council). The tables will be covered with table cloths, of course – no room for slipping standards- and the smell of BBQ coals will penetrate the air.

I remember the first year we were here, we’d totally forgotten it was a bank holiday and got to work in trying to recover our garden (think “junglesque”). Our dear, sadly now departed, old neighbour, Bruna was appalled and marched round with refreshments and demanded that we downed tools. She’s much missed. I learnt most of what I know for the garden here from her and there is still so much I don’t know!

Anyway, what am I doing here? I should be putting my feet up by the pool with a large glass of Prosecco or something. Ha Ha, if only we lived the stereotypical expat life… I would be quite simply bored out of my brain.

“The end of labour is to gain leisure” – Aristotle

Ciao and Buona Festa!

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