Working Holiday

As I write this I’m humming, Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard. Of course you are right, I’m far too young to have been around  when it was released but the song is an iconic one and synonymous with the term ‘holiday’. If you read last weeks post you will know that I’m now travelling, for six weeks, in our camper van Bobbus.

However, an author never really switches off, well my characters don’t anyway, despite my giving them plenty of notice. They’ve just bundled themselves together and are coming along for the ride. Which is okay by me. Right now I have Kate and Millicent with me, but more on them later.

The holiday won’t all be about writing as such, but probably linked in some way, albeit tentatively. So here are the top three activities I hope to be working on over the coming days and weeks, as well as enjoying the sights. It should provide lots of inspiration and ideas for future work too, already I have something brewing in that dark corner of my mind…

  1. Re-draft current Work in Progress, working title The White Feather. This is where Kate and Millicent come in. Two characters from different era’s but linked by a common thread…
  2. Work through the functions of our new SLR camera – I’ve enrolled in an online course that both Simon and I will go through together and hope to create some wonderful memories we can look back on.
  3. Exercise another part of the creative me. I’ve also signed up for a character drawing course. I’d love to draw well and have dabbled in scenes and buildings. My aim is to be able to sketch out the fantasy characters in my new genre fiction.

I used to be a beach and summer reads girl. There still might be a time and place for that… 😎

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Oh, what is the drawing course, Jo? Sounds interesting.

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