Photo Shoot – June

Today I’m sharing just a handful of the photo’s I took whilst we were on our trip. This is when we stayed just outside

Back at The Desk

Well, after almost 5,000 miles, 44 days and four (or is it five?) countries I’m back  Continue reading

The Promise: Excerpt

Here is a short excerpt from the first chapter of the book… if it moves you to read more, then you can Continue reading

On My Reading Table

Well, it’s not a reading table to be honest. Living where we do means that buying books can present a bit of a problem Continue reading

The Promise: Cover Reveal

Well, I know… it’s hardly a cover reveal when Continue reading

Today’s post is a gallery of the sites seen this week in this beautiful part of the world. No wonder they call it  Continue reading

Demons of a Character

There are several ways to approach the art of story telling. There is no right way, as with many things, only the right way  Continue reading

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