The Promise: Cover Reveal

Well, I know… it’s hardly a cover reveal whenit’s been available for pre-order but it’s the first time it’s been revealed here at My Writer Within.

I spend a lot of time thinking and researching covers for my books. With historical fiction it can be quite hard to find images that truly represent what in essence, is the heart of your book. There are a lot of cheesy images of men with rippling chests and diminutive women, dressed in old clothes and I can’t bear them.

I sometimes start with an image which I use as a ‘draft’ cover for the project journal I use for each story. The image more often than not changes, mainly because the story changes along the way. However, the main purpose of having a cover before I write is motivation. It feels and looks real.  A book in the making and I personally find that quite powerful.

As I’m writing, i search for images for characters, settings, dialogue and when I’m stuck for inspiration. I keep them all in a locked board on Pinterest and often spend a long time procrastinating researching covers of a similar vein. I am drawn by simple book covers, too much info and it puts me off, though very nowadays as I read mainly on the Kindle the cover doesn’t feature so much in my decision as a reader to choose a particular book.

The cover of The Promise had a few reincarnations. The first project cover contained a dying rose caught on some barbed wire. I would have used that image still I think if I could find it again. I had started this particular story many moons ago and didn’t record its source. I do things different nowadays 😉. And so the sunflowers won out… the working title was originally The Sunflower Soldiers.

You can view my Pinterest Boards in the following links (now unlocked):

Oh, and did I mention that The Promise is available for pre-order? Here is the link... Next week, just before publication on the 23rd, I will share a short excerpt.

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