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Well, it’s not a reading table to be honest. Living where we do means that buying books can present a bit of a problemin terms of recycling. We do have a very small English library in a town not far from here, but it’s bulging at the seams and our tiny casa is just that… tiny. And I’m trying to become less squirrel like – I think the term is ‘minimalist’. Generally I want less stuff in my life. Most of it I can do without. I am struggling with Simon’s man drawers though to be honest. He guards them with the ferociousness of a tigress with her cubs.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. The point being I now read on an e-reader. Which is still an experience I’m trying to master after two, maybe three, years? The trouble was I read on a Kindle app on the IPad – which meant being distracted by the big black ‘hole’ that I had access to. I’ve read fewer books than ever. And I love to read. I’ve just bought a Kindle Paper-white, which doesn’t have the added extras only the facility to purchase and download books. It’s better, at least I can read it outside. However, it’s not the sensual, touchy-feely thing I felt by opening and smelling a new book. But needs must…and I suppose I’m doing my part in saving a few trees.

What am I reading then right now? A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley. As I’m rewriting a draft manuscript as a time-slip novel, I thought I’d better check out the genre. I’ve read time-slip before but that was as a reader. Now I’m reading as a writer, paying special attention to structure and space. I’m not sure I can pull it off with my manuscript but I’m enjoying the process. It’s well written and she pays particular attention to setting, which I’m beginning to think of as another character, rather than a place.

Goes without saying, any recommendations are greatly received. Of any genre.


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