Back at The Desk

Well, after almost 5,000 miles, 44 days and four (or is it five?) countries I’m back at my writing desk. Given that introduction and my previous posts, you will know that my ‘desk’ is very portable. It’s good to be back though bricks and mortar will never be what I think of as home. It’s a feeling, that I take with me. Bobbus, our campervan,  has done us proud. He provides us with shelter, a mode of transport, a source of discussion with strangers, and has managed some of the most challenging routes to deliver us to our next stop. All without a whinge or a moan. Well, I might have uttered an expletive, or two…

So, I’m not going to linger. I’m catching up, sorting out the stuff in my head and mourning one of my best friends, the canine kind you understand 😢.  Life is a continual motion of change and loss… and new growth and fresh beginnings. I have a new fountain pen and a crisp virgin journal… characters, places and a story awaits. Hopefully.

I’ll sign off now,  before I really try and be philosophical…

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